Maya Matilda Carroll

Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, performer, mentor and teacher, based in Berlin since 2004. In the past thirteen years Maya has created over 30 works from solo to extended group pieces. She leads classes and workshops in Europe and abroad, extensively developing her teaching methods alongside her artistic work. Her work is anchored in the meeting point between the tangible and imagined; drawn from and towards the body’s memory, viscerality and myth.


THE CLASS: THE INSTRUMENT – The Instrument teaching is a physical practice through the articulation of movement in time, space and the imagination. The classes engage with composition in real time, encouraging flow and bodily wisdom as a pathway to dance making and performance. Involving attentiveness, musicality, collective and personal experiences; we work with presence, choice, vision and the interplay between movement and image. Engaging these elements in the process of dance making, the work takes its fascination in relationships between people, environments and choreographic narratives.

At DancePAT July 23.-27. 2018