Evandro Pedroni

photo: Ivan Jakaric

Evandro Pedroni is a performer, dancer and choreographer based in Vienna. After concluding his studies in the Performance Major Program at SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2013) he was a scholarship holder at TanzQuartier Wien (2013/2014). He developed his solo work “In The Eye of The Beholder” as part of Werkstück in TQW (2016) and he has received the START scholarship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery (2016). In 2017 he premiered  “S/M – Stage/Made” in collaboration with Claire Lefèvre supported by Huggy Bears/Superamas, Wien Kultur and Brut Wien. As a dancer he is featured in productions by Martin Nachbar, Oleg Soulimenko, Hubert Lepka, Stella Zannou, Milan Kozanek, Edan Gorlicki, SETanzTheater, Akemi Takeya, Elisabeth Tambwe, Cie. Willi Dorner, Eric Trottier/La_Trottrier Dance Collective and others. Evandro’s work or collaborations have been showcased in several festivals such as Imagetanz (AT), Freier Tanz Delta VI (DE), PAD – Performance Art Depot (DE), FAKI 18 (HR) and has been supported by Tanzzentrale Nuremberg, Wien Kultur, WUK, Brut Wien, Huggy Bears, Theater Felina-Areal and EinTanzHaus


THE CLASS: The class will focus on specific exercises to stimulate body awareness and presence in relation to itself, to the space and in relation to others. By bringing our awareness to the gaze, as an initiator, we will start exploring the mobility of the spine and searching for ways to transfer this easiness to the whole body. Focusing on being conscious about how every single body part moves and how these body parts are related to the room and where they are positioned in the space. It will be a lot of eye contact, eye scanning and eye stimulation. Exercises across the floor, in relation to the space and with other bodies. Through the whole class we will be combining fix exercises with sections of research and improvisation. We’ll keep it playful, challenging, moving and fun!

At DancePAT August 20.-24. 2018 2018