Annamaria Keskinen

Annamaria Keskine.
I have learned from and worked with: Johannes Wieland, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Stephanie Tiersch, Chris Haring, Tadashi Endo among many others including my beautiful colleagues around the world. I currently work as freelance choreographer and dancer with my base in Berlin.





THE CLASS: In this class I wanna focus on the flow of energy, which is generated through our own vibration, breath and inner desires to exist in space and time. We’ll start the class with warming up the joints and strengthening the core, which later on will naturally support the body and mind for an economical exploration through complex physical and image based movement sequences. We aim to free our mind from judgment and rather work with our instincts, which can allow us to react in the
moment with the necessary effort that is required to bring us to the state of flow.

Teaching experience:

B12 workshop series in Berlin 2016, 2017, 2018. Workshops in Helsinki and in New York 2018. Professional classes in Dock11/Berlin, Staatstheater Kassel and Ndc Wales. Assisting in auditions and teaching repertoire for Staatstheater Kassel/Johannes Wieland and in NDC Wales. Summer school teacher and tutor in Shawbrook Summer dance school in 2016.