Alessandro Marzotto

Alessandro Marzotto graduated from the Rambert School in London and is now a freelancer developing projects across Europe. He das been co-director of the Impermanence Dance Theatre in Bristol (UK) for the past five years while working on solo work presented at different interntional festivals. He started his career by joining ITdansa in Barcelona, later he moved to Holland to develop his own choreographic skills and joined Random Collision. He found himslef going back to UK to establish his own company in Bristol. He has danced works ranging from Jiri Kylian to Ohad Naharin and collaborated on freelance projects with Jasmine Ellis, Leo Lerus, Wubkje Kuindersma and others


THE CLASS: I see the class partly as a research into the body and partly as a way to really move in space. Through a slow but active warm up, I wish to get to a point in wich the dancers are really moving in space using release sequences. This class focuses on getting the body warm through awareness exercices and routines that direct concentration and breath to different parts of the body. This enables to dance to the maximum of our potential. I like dancing and we will dance, that’s for sure. I find teaching class a really great experience that encourages dancers to connect with the joy of moving and the feeling of satisfaction within themselves. I want the dancers to finish the class feeling like they just had a good time!

26.02. – 02.03.2018