Ido Batash

Ido Batash

Ido Batash born in Israel, 1984. Graduated from Ostrovaski High School for art in Ra’anana. Since 2002 Ido worked in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, North Netherlands Dance (NND-Galili Dance), Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollack Dance Company and with the choreographers: Idan Cohen, Roy Assaf & Talia Back and others. Nowadays Ido is working for Les Ballets C de la B, under direction of the choreographer Alain Platel.

In 2011 Ido been selected for a residence choreographer position of “Random Collision”, a collective choreographers based in Groningen, The Netherlands, after presenting “stew of Mollusks’ in the “Trilogy project – 2011”. The piece was presented in the Grand Theater of Groningen and at Korzo Theater in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Same year, Ido choreographed a solo piece, in a collaboration with the musician Anton Berman (Germany). The piece was invited for the “Gvanim Dance Festival” at Suzanne Dellal Theatre in Israel. In 2013, Ido created SOLOIMPRO, the work premiered in Kyoto, Tokyo Japan and Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2014, Ido created ‘Ego Trip’ in a collaboration with the choreographer Anna Reti. ‘Ego Trip’ premiered in Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest, as part of ‘DEPARTS’ supports and the mentorship of the choreographer Josef Nadj.

Moreover, Ido is developing through his work in the last years, a performers method called “Monkey Mind’, which mainly focuses on the awareness and consciousness of the physical and mental presence in a creative process and while performing on stage.


Class description

The class is a guided process that offers an approach to gradually reconnect with the body and mind. Based on several techniques: floor-work, flying low and Ilan Lev method (a Feldenkrais source). The practice will take time to listen to the body’s needs by focusing on the skeleton, state of mind, down to the thinnest tissues. Through movement we will rediscover how to climb up from the ground to complete standing, gaining new tools to move through space in relation to our body weight. Invest time on fostering the ability to move easily with virtuosity in space and focus on different approaches to energy and intentions, to improve our physical control in a dynamic motion. The class will challenge the participants to search for qualities by implementation techniques and deepening their knowledge of physical presence.


at DancePAT 24.10 – 28.10 2016

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