26. – 30. June | Tamara Gvozdenovic ( Peeping Tom)

Tamara Gvozdenovic joined Peeping Tom in 2014 for the creation of Vader and also performed The Land (collaboration with the Residenz Theatre in Munich) at the Cuvillies Theatre in Munich. She also works for the Swiss based choreographer Tabea Martin with who she tours currently Beyond Indifference.

Tamara studied in Laban (London) and graduated with a BA in Dance Theatre. She founded the CieTG in 2009 and choreographed Light Scream, Sainte Marie Joseph de la Rose and Sous le Cou(p) du Lapin. She is currently working on a installation based performance with the Brussels’ based DJ SushiFlow. She teaches mainly in Belgium, France and Switzerland.


Class Description

Fascinated by architecture and anatomy, Tamara proposes in her classes « architectural » sequences that she constructs and deconstructs while respecting the limits of the skeleton. Inspired by her training in hip hop and contemporary dance, she explores different qualities of movement through fluid or released phrases balanced by others more abrupt or contracted. The dance varies between linearity and animality with a constant quest of strong physicalities. She also uses Peeping Tom’s dynamics and movement qualities to nourrish the class and guides the students through improvisation in order to reveal the characters that are hidden in every each of them.


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