December 11. – 15. | Yael Cibulski / Shay Partush / Luca Cacitti



Yael Cibulski graduated from Rotterdam University of Arts in Holland (Codarts) and Sadna in Kibbutz Ga’aton (School of Kibutz Dance Company). After freelancing in Holland for many projects she joined the internationally acclaimed Vertigo Dance Company as a company member from 2011-15. Cibulski is currently a teacher and rehearsal director of Vertigo’s language and repertoire in Israel and abroad, as well as current dancer and co-creator at Gil C Harush & Family ensemble.

Monday 11.12. + Tuesday 12.12.



Shay Partush is an Israeli dancer living in Amsterdam. He trained and worked with major companies in Israel and The Netherlands. From 2011 he worked with different companies and choreographers in The Netherlands and Europe. At the moment he is freelancing in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel. Shay collaborates with Heidi Vierthaler in workshops and performances, including her Stream Flow-based work “Hato Projects”.

Wednesday 13.12.


Luca Cacitti graduated from Rotterdam Dance Academy. He worked with NND (Noord Nederland Dans Theatre) for five years performing work by Stephen Shropshire, Andrea Miller, Roy Assaf, Einav Eshel, Edan Gorlicki, Alex Soares, Keren Levi, Reut Shemesh, Edan Sharabi and Itzik Galili. As a freelance dancer he worked for artist including: CONNY JANSENN DANS, Anouk Van Dijk & Falk Richter, Emanuel Gat, Jasmine Ellis /Random Collision, Dunja Jocic, Tabea Martin and XIN Company Martin Harriague. Collaborates with Heidi Vierthaler in workshops and performances, including her Stream Flow-based work “Hato Projects”.

Thursday 14.12. + Friday 15.12.


DancePAT’s aim is, to bring artists together. We are very happy to have three Artists involved within the new production “Empathy” by Choreographer Jasmine Ellis teaching at Munich DancePAT. All three international artists offer outstanding classes sourced from years of experience.


Class Descriptions

Yael Cibulski :

The class focuses on intuitive movement and accessing a relaxed organised body state which maximises our abilities. Facilitating bursting power, floor work, understanding of gravity and space, full body awareness. High energy and fast paced, the flow of the class creates a chance for limit testing, physical expression, consciousness, physical growth and enjoying the transportive nature of music and dance. Yael’s teaching is influenced by her many years as a performer and rehearsal director of Vertigo Dance Company (Israel). Her training as a Feldenkrais Teacher, and her contagious joy for movement.


Shay Partush & Luca Cacitti:


Stream-Flow movement method, developed by Heidi Vierthaler in collaboration with Hato Project,  is a unique and constantly evolving method using visual imagery and tactile exercises to help soften the body and heighten awareness on many different levels. Stream-Flow always begins with the awakening of the senses and a scanning of the body. Than it explores ones inner and outer the body section by section in relation to the space as well as objects and other bodies in space. Next step leads to delicate touch guidance exercises. This causes an array of dynamics, from extremely fragile to surprisingly powerful. Ideal for braking habitual movement patterns and opening up new movement pathways. The interest in this movement method lies in discovering a deeper knowledge of the body’s possibilities and the continuous development of a distinctive movement language. Stream-Flow is an effective and creative approach to bridging different dance forms and it stimulates new ideas for your own personal movement research.